One of his prayers in confession and repentance of God.

O Lord, three habits hinder me from praying unto Thee and one habit urges me to it.

Delay in doing that which Thou didst order me to perform keeps me from prayer on account of shame, the thing Thou didst forbid me to do and to which I hastened likewise hinders me and the favor Thou didst confer on me and for which I failed to return thanks.

That which urges me to pray unto Thee is Thy Kindness to the one who turns his face towards Thee and who comes hopefully to Thee, for all Thy Favor is kindness, and all Thy Blessings are favor upon me (not as a reward for my right).

Therefore, behold me here, O Lord, standing at the gate of Thy Glory in the attitude of one who trembles in submission, entreating Thee, in my shame, in the spirit of the poor and needy confession unto Thee that I never acknowledged Thy Favors, save by refraining from sinning against Thee and that I was never, in all my circumstances, without Thy Bounty.

Will, therefore, O Lord, my confession to Thee of the evils I have committed avail me anything?

Will my admission to Thee of wrongs I have done deliver me from Thy Wrath?

Or, hast Thou, in this, my situation, irrevocably decreed Thy Wrath for me?

Does, in the time of praying, Thy displeasure. inseparably cling to me?

O Holy One, I do not despair of Thy Mercy, whilst Thou.hast surely opened for me the gate of repentance unto Thee.

Nay, I speak the words of a despicable creature, one unjust to his own soul, one who underrates the dignity of his Lord, one whose sins are great and wax larger and whose days have passed and ended until he found that the opportunity for action had expired, the duration of life was finished and he was convinced that there was no escape for him from Thee and no refuge.

Then he presented himself to Thee, with conversion and sincerity, repented unto Thee.

SO, he stood up in Thy Presence with a pure, clean heart and addressed Thee in a low faltering voice.

Verily, he bowed before Thee till he became crooked and bent down his head till he was doubled.

Verily, his fear caused his legs to tremble and tears flowed down his cheeks.

He calls upon Thee saying O Most Merciful. O Most Compassionate of those to whom seekers after mercy continually come. O Most Gracious of those Whom seekers after pardon approach. O Thou
Whose Forgiveness is more frequent than Thy Chastisement. O Thou Whose Approbation is more abundant than Thy Wrath. O Thou Who favored Thy creatures by overlooking their guilt. O Thou Who trained Thy servants to hope for the acceptance of conversion. 0 Thou Who reformed their sins by repentance. O Thou Who was satisfied with very little of their good deeds. O Thou Who regarded their insignificant deeds abundantly. O Thou Who guaranteed to them answers to prayer. O Thou Who graciously promised them a handsome recompense on Thy own pledge. I am not the most sinful of those who disobeyed Thee and thou didst pardon him. I am not the most blameworthy of those who apologized unto Thee and Thou didst accept their apology. I am not the most unjust of those who repented unto Thee and Thou didst show them Thy Favor.

I repent unto Thee, in this my situation, the repentance of one ashamed of what he neglected to perform, afraid of what he has accumulated against him. Sincerely sorry for what he fell into.

Knowing that the forgiving of sins is not too great a task for Thee.

Not too difficult for Thee.

The enduring of excessive wrongs is not hard upon Thee.

The most favorite of Thy creatures is one who gives up pride and abstains from persisting (in wrong) and constantly asks pardon.

I clear myself before Thee from being proud, crave Thy Protection against persisting (in sin), ask Thy Pardon for what I failed in and beg Thy Assistance in what I am too weak to do.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants.

Forgive me what is due unto Thee from me.

Save me from what I deserve from Thee.

Shelter me from what the wicked are afraid of. For verily, Thou art most Forgiving. Pardon is hoped for from Thee. Thou art celebrated for overlooking faults. I have no other one whom I may beg to fulfill my wishes but Thee, no forgiver of my sins, other than Thee. Far be it from Thee if I think there is another and I do not fear that anything will happen to my soul, except from Thee.

Verily, Thou deserves" to be feared. (Thou) art worthy of forgiving sins.

Bless Muhammad and his descendants.

Fulfill my need. Grant my wish. Forgive my sins and quell the dread of my soul.

Verily, Thou hast Power over everything and this is easy for Thee. Amen, Lord of the Worlds!


Sahifa Sajjadiyya, Supplication 12