One of Imam Zaynal Abidin's prayers fervently asking pardon of God.

O Lord, bless Muhammad and his descendants and lead us to repentance which is loved by Thee.

Remove us from persistence in sin which is hateful to Thee.

O Lord, when we are confronted by two (impending) evils, one relating to faith, the other to worldly affairs, then, let that evil befall us which will the more quickly pass away and protect us from that which is of long duration. And when we resolve two things, one of which pleases Thee and the other would call down Thy Wrath, then let us be inclined towards that which would please Thee and lessen our strength so that we may not do that which would make Thee angry at us.

And, O Lord, do not allow our souls to choose as they like, for, verily, they will choose what is evil, unless Thou cost show pity.l 8 lhey will command what is bad unless Thou cost show Mercy.

O Lord, verily Thou hast created us full of weakness, founded us on infirmity and originated us out of an extraction of mean fluid, so we have no power except from Thee and no strength but by Thy Aid.

Therefore, help us with Thy Grace, guide us with Thy Guidance, make the eyes of our minds blind to what is contrary to Thy Love and do not allow any of our limbs activity in disobeying Thee.

O Lord, bless

Muhammad and his descendants. Let the whisperings of our hearts, the motions of our organs, the glances of our eyes, the utterances of our tongues be directed to the end of winning Thy Reward till we omit no good act, whereby we may be entitled to Thy Reward and there remain in us no evil, whereby we should deserve Thy Chastisement.


Sahifa Sajjadiyya, Supplication 9