About Seeing and Speaking to Allah



I have question about "Miraj"; Did Holy Prophet see God or speak to Him
on this occasion and are there any prophets who had done so.


Our belief in Allah is such that nobody has ever seen nor will anybody
ever see Allah. Some Sunnis do believe that they will see Allah on the
Day of Judgement, but we believe otherwise.

However, speaking to the Holy Prophet - Yes, according to the narrations
recorded about the whole incident of Me'raaj, Allah did talk to the Holy
Prophet (SAW).

An interesting point here is that the various modes of revelation
recorded in History are either through Jibrael (as was for most of the
Prophets including our Prophet); or through dreams (as in the case of
Prophet Ibrahim); or by creating speech (as in the case of Prophet Musa);
or direct speech - that was priveleged only to our Holy Prophet - him
being the best of all Prophets.


Nasikhut Tawarikh - Vol III (quoted in Kalimatur Rasulul A'azam)
'Ulumul Qur'an by Dawood Al-Attar

With Salaams and Duas




Technically I am a "sunni", but (alhamdulilah) I find guidance in much of
what the shi'a 'alims say. When the brother stated "but we believe
otherwise" what exactly did he mean? Believe me, brother, my question is
sincere. I always imagined all people standing before Allah(swt) on
judgement day. I'd just like to know what the shi'a belief is as it
relates to this matter. Thank you in advance.


The Shias believe very strongly that Allah cannot appear to anyone in any
form neither in this world nor in the hereafter. He is not in any form
and thus with regard to the references to His body parts, for instance:

"Yadullaah Fawqa Aydiihim" 48:10 Allah's hand is over their hands.


"Wujuhun Yawmaidhin Naadira; Ilaa Rabbihaa Naadhira" 75:22-3
Faces on that day will be resplendant; Unto their Lord attentive.

The Shias believe that the use of body parts for Allah is metaphorical,
thus describing the powers Allah has to perform the functions performed
by the body parts mentioned. It is thus only to simplify our
understanding of what powers He has.