The 99 Names of Allah

"And to Allah belong the most beautiful names, so call on Him by them." (7:180) Islamic tradition says that Allah has many different names representing different aspects of His being, and 99 of them are commonly recited together:

English - Arabic

The Merciful 4 ar-rahim

The Beneficent 4ar-rahmaan

The Sovereign 4al-malik

The Holy 4al-quddus

The Peace 4as-salaam

The Guardian of Faith 4al-mu'min

The Protector 4al-muhaymin

The Mighty 4al-'aziz

The Compellor 4al-jabbar

The Majestic 4al-mutakabbir

The Creator 4al-khaaliq

The Evolver 4al-baari'

The Fashioner 4al-musawwir

The Forgiver al-ghaffar

The Subduer 4al-qahhar

The Bestower 4al-wahhab

The Provider 4ar-razzaq

The Opener 4al-fattah

The Knowing 4al-'alim

The Constrictor 4al-qaabid

The Abaser 4al-khaafid

The Expander 4al-baasit

The Honorer 4al-mu'izz

The Exalter 4ar-raafi'

The Hearing 4as-sami'

The Dishonorer 4al-mudhill

The Judge 4al-hakam

The Seeing 4al-basir

The Subtle 4al-latif

The Kind 4al-halim

The Just 4al-'adl

The Aware 4al-khabir

The All-Forgiving 4al-ghafur

The Great 4al-'azim

The High 4al-'aliy

The Appreciative 4ash-shakur

The Preserver 4al-hafiz

The Immense 4al-kabir

The Reckoner 4al-hasib

The Maintainer 4al-muqit

The Generous 4al-karim

The Majestic 4al-jalil

The Responsive 4al-mujib

The Wise 4al-hakim

The Watchful 4ar-raqib

The All-Surrounding 4al-waasi'

The Glorious 4al-majid

The Loving 4al-wadud

The Witness 4ash-shahid

The Resurrector 4al-baa'ith 

The Truth 4al-haqq

The Trustee 4al-wakil

The Strong 4al-qawi

The Firm 4al-matin

The Praiseworthy 4al-hamid

The Guardian 4al-wali

The Originator 4al-mubdi

The Reckoner 4al-muhsi

The Giver of Life4 al-muhyi

The Restorer 4al-mu'id

The Creator of Death 4al-mumit

The Living 4al-hayy

The Self-Subsisting 4al-qayyum

The Finder 4al-waajid

The Noble 4al-maajid

The Unique 4al-waahid

The One 4al-ahad

The Eternal 4as-samad

The Able 4al-qadir

The Powerful 4al-muqtadir

The Expediter 4al-muqaddim

The Delayer 4al-mu'akhkhir

The First 4al-awwal

The Last 4al-aakhir

The Manifest 4az-zaahir

The Hidden 4al-baatin

The Governor 4al-waali

The Exalted 4al-muta'ali

The Source of Goodness 4al-barr

The Acceptor of Repentance 4at-tawwab

The Avenger 4al-muntaqim

The Pardoner 4al-'afuw

The Compassionate 4ar-ra'uf

The Owner of Soverignty 4maalik al-mulk

The Lord of Majesty 4dhul jalaali wal-ikraam

and Bounty

The Equitable 4al-muqsit

The Gatherer 4al-jaami'

The Self-Sufficient 4al-ghani

The Enricher 4al-mughni

The Preventer 4al-mani'

The Distresser 4ad-darr

The Benefitor 4an-naafi'

The Light 4an-nur

The Guide 4al-haadi

The Incomparable 4al-badi'

The Everlasting 4al-baaqi

The Inheritor 4al-waarith

The Guide to the Right Path 4ar-rashid

The Patient 4as-sabur