Two Attributes of Allah

Rahman - Rahim = Compassionate - Merciful


“Bismillahir Rahman ar Rahim” = In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.


Are Shi'as the only people who can benefit from both Allah's Rahman and
Rahim? Or, do others also receive His Rahim? What about individuals who
are not Shi'a but have never had the chance to learn the truth due to
their location and/or circumstances?


As far as the divine attribute 'RAHMAN' is concerned, it is for all the
creatures including the non-believers. 'RAHIM' is a special attribute whose
benficiaries will be those who are forgiven on the day of Judgement. Those
who have never had an opportunity to learn the Truth, will not be punished
provided always that it has not been due to default or indifference.