Who is Allah (God)?

Volume 1



Chapter 1

Unity of God

Tawheed ( Unity of God )



His Existence precedes non-existence...Oneness of Allah


Chapter 2

Justice of Allah (Adl)

Belief that God is Just

What does Justice of Allah mean?

Opinions Concerning God's Justice

Divine Justice


Chapter 3

Allah in the Koran

How does the Quran present God?

Allah in the verses


Chapter 4

Allah in the Nahjul Balagha

His Attributes and Praise

a-His Existence precedes non-existence...Oneness of Allah

b- His primality has no beginning...

c- Well-known without being seen...

d- Every powerful person other than Him is weak...

e- Languages fail to describe Allah (God)

f- He whom He guides does not get astray

g-Allah the Glorified has not been born so...

h-He is One, but not by counting...

i-Allah is just in whatever He decides...

j-No curtain hides you from Him...

k-His comprehension (of things) is not through eyes...


Chapter 5

Attributes of Allah

Allah is self-existing

The Incomparability of the Divine Attributes


Chapter 6

On The Knowledge of Allah

The Necessity of God

Relation Between Man and the Universe

The Divine Essence and Qualities

The Meaning of the Divine Qualities

Further Explanation Concerning Qualities

Qualities of Action

Destiny and Providence

Man and Free Will

Free Will


Chapter 7

The Need for Allah

The Need of the World for One Without Need

The Depths of Man's Being Impel Him to Seek God

The Conditions for an Ideal Object of Worship


Chapter 8

Seeing Allah

Is Allah seeable? Will he be seen in the paradise?

A Question and An Answer

A Sermon by Imam Ali (p)


Chapter 9

Shia - Sunni Belief of Allah

A- Seeing Allah?

There is a clear difference between the two creeds

B- Second question on the justice of God and predestination

Chapter 10

Names of Allah

Ninty-nine Names of Allah

Ninty-nine Names of Allah (briefly explained)


Chapter 11

Allah in Sahifa Sajjadiyya

Allah in Supplications

The eyes of those who see fall short of seeing Him

Remove us from persistence in sin which is hateful to Thee

Imploring refuge in God

O Lord, standing at the gate of Thy Glory...

The needy who seeks from the needy
is foolish in his opinion


Chapter 12

Fear of Allah

From a Father to His Son (s)

My first and foremost advice to you...

Do not forget Allah, struggle in His cause with your tongue, with your wealth and with your lives.

From a Leader to One of His Governers

Always to keep the fear of Allah in your mind


Chapter 13

Faith in Allah

Faith in Allah (Tawakkul)



Volume 2

Chapter 14

Christianity and God

a- God in the Bible

b- Son of God or God the Son-in the Bible

c- Unitarian Answers to Trinitarian claims-in the Bible


Chapter 15

Comparative Beliefs

The Viewpoints of Islam and Christianity Regarding Allah (God)


Chapter 16

Frequently Asked Questions

Divine Justice

One Creater

Conversation with Allah

Omnipotence of Allah

Two Attributes of Allah

Shirk (Association with Allah )-a

About Shirk ( Association with Allah)-b

Seeing and Speaking to Allah

About NOT seeing Allah in the Paradise

The Pronouns "I" and "We" used by Allah.

About "Ya Ali Madad"


Chapter 17


Resignation to the Will of Allah

Grace of Allah

The Infinite Power of God

The Forms of God's Will and Volition


Chapter 18

Last Word